A NEW OUTLOOK on wealth management

At New Outlook Wealth (NOW) we believe in the financial strength that comes from blending professional financial planning advice with independent, 3rd party asset management, bringing Canadians a true, transparent, and high performance wealth management experience at a much lower cost.

Change your relationship with money today.

Are you a mutual fund advisor looking to be liberated?

AIR MILES® Reward Program

Canada's most recognized loyalty program is available exclusively to financial planning clients of NOW. You can get rewarded for making good financial decisions, like completing a financial plan with a NOW Advisor. To learn more about our industry-leading recognition program for our clients, please click here.

Lower Investment FEES

At most financial institutions, the more money you have the lower your fees. We don't believe that is fair. We bring low fees to all Canadians. We don't wait until you have $1M to invest. We do it right NOW - with fee savings often exceeding 50% .


We deliberately separate financial advice from money management. Our advisors are all industry veterans with years of experience. Unlike most financial planners however, our advisors do not touch your money. We outsource investment advice entirely to qualified, professional 3rd party portfolio managers.

Financial PLANS for ALL

Every Canadian deserves a financial plan. Whether you have $25,000, $250,000 or $2.5M to invest, we can help you map out your financial future. Plan for life's unexpected events while setting goals for the things that matter most, including retirement, financial security, tax and estate planning.

Superior Digital SECURITY

Our partnership with industry-leading, Canadian  technology provider SideDrawer enables our clients to digitally store, archive, and share sensitive, personal documents and data with their Financial Advisor without fear of privacy breaches or other online threats to personal identity. You're in good hands with SideDrawer, your digital filing cabinet!


At NOW, we do not impose account minimums and welcome all Canadians to seek out advice. Financial planning can start at any age (it's never too early, and rarely too late!)

If an investment solution is required, we have several options that ensure lower-than-average fees, transparency, competitive performance, and tax efficiency.

Clients of New Outlook Wealth benefit from FREE access to SideDrawer, Canada's leading digital document vault. SideDrawer provides a safe, secure and easily accessible (web or mobile app) online portal for clients to share and store sensitive, private and/or confidential information.

Click here to log into your own SideDrawer.


A New Outlook

At New Outlook Wealth, we believe in doing what's right for clients above all else. By deliberately separating financial planning from money management we have reduced the potential for conflicts of interest between Advisors and their clients. It means our Advisors can focus entirely on our client’s financial planning needs.

We have chosen a different path forward. A new vision that provides clarity, simplicity, and transparency. 

What We Do

"The status quo in the financial industry in Canada is not helping everyday Canadians. Wealth managers across Canada are all running after the same high-net-worth clients and leaving everyone else behind. Professional financial planning and low-cost, high-performance investment management should be available to everyone. "

Michael van Lierop, President & CEO, Founder of New Outlook Wealth Inc.

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