Financial Advice for All Canadians

New Outlook Wealth prides itself in bringing holistic financial planning to all Canadians, regardless of their socio-economic background or wealth. Unfortunately, persons with disabilities are often the "forgotten" class of investors in Canada. Most wealth management firms today in Canada deliberately avoid providing investment and financial planning advice to persons with disabilities. Why? Misconceptions and Misunderstanding.

The misconception is that ALL persons with disabilities are at a disadvantage economically as well as physically or mentally. While many face financial struggles, driven by disabilities that limit their ability to contribute economically, a great many more are not encumbered by their disability, they have well paying jobs, and families who are similarly engaged economically.  In other words, persons with disabilities in Canada can still have good jobs, decent incomes, and have financial needs like every other Canadian - for mortgages, insurance to protect their income and assets, and savings for retirement.

The misunderstanding is that persons with disabilities all look the same and generally fit into a convenient stereotype. To the contrary, a great many Canadians who might fit the criteria or definition of "disabled" as per the federal government or CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) do so while living reasonably active lives.  Children might have disabilities as per government criteria but continue to interact within their communities, living active and meaningful lives. Older adults who have lived for years with medical health conditions requiring medications carrying on successful careers may also qualify for federal disability benefits and credits. No two people with a disability are alike. While they may qualify for disability benefits or tax credits, they are not all the same.  As such, their financial needs – like the needs of all Canadians - are deserving of attention. 

In our effort to make a difference we have collaborated with Brematson Disability Advocates, Canada's leading advocacy firm for persons with disabilities. This collaboration will establish a comprehensive approach to financial planning that ensures clients will benefit from the various federal government disability benefits and tax credits. These may include, but are not limited to, the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) and the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP).

In turn, we work with clients to ensure these programs are integrated into their broader financial plan, including strategies to manage debt, cashflow, retirement, insurance, tax, and estate planning. New Outlook Wealth wants to make a difference in the lives of persons with disabilities.  We are here to fill in this huge gap in our community by providing financial planning and advice to persons with disabilities and their families.  

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