Joran Hedley, CPA

Vice President - Crypto Advisory

Joran brings a passion for the emerging world of crypto currency to NOW with a focus on education, financial literacy around crypto, bitcoin and other alternative assets. His goals is to help regular Canadian investors understand Crypto, its place in the broader financial portrait, and how digital currencies are transforming the world of finance. These changes are happening at such a speed, with retail adoption (among consumers) driving demand in a way the traditional wealth managers cannot (or will not) satisfy. NOW is in a unique position to provide Canadians access to expertise and advice that is independent.Joran's years of experience in finance, accounting, and business development brings a well-rounded, thoughtful, and judicious approach to the technology that will impact client's lives for years to come.


The crypto consulting is for individuals, small groups, and even small businesses. The cryptocurrency industry is still very new and can be a very scary place if you are unfamiliar with the processes involved for buying and safely securing your assets. Safety and security is the top priority of these consultations.

Each private consultation is designed and specifically tailored for each client based on their current knowledge of blockchain and their financial goals. The consultations begin with a macro view of the industry, wallet set up, walkthrough of a bitcoin purchase and transfer, storage tips and solutions, strategies for earning passive income, and of course some time for any questions.

Phone: 204-922-0023

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